Bag O' Cheezey 1 is the first of many Bag O' Cheezey films in the saga. It is also often critically spoken about where in a scene the actor is seen taking a dump. The film is also on the bonus features of the Bag O' Cheezey ULTIMATE Dvd.


The actor (peterpib2) is first seen taking a dump on the toilet while making straining noises in the first

Bag O' Cheezey 1 Title

scene. This scene is often considered disgusting and 'should be taken off youtube.' The actor then is happy at home when he sees a tangy cheese dorito bag lying on the floor. He decides to pick it up, eating a dorito then consequently dying on the floor.

The credits and two bloopers are shown. In the first blooper the actor throws a dorito and misses the bag and in the second, and in the second is shouting at his mother for telling him off.


The reception was given as average but with almost everybody complaining about the first scene where the actor takes a dump.


The main soundtrack throughout the whole short is a disco track from the video game the Sims 1.

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