Bag O' Cheezey 2 is the sequel to the first short, Bag O' Cheezey 1. Bag O' Cheezey 2 did not receive as great reception as its predecessor did.


The actor is not feeling well as he is coughing, so he goes to the toilet for a pee. As he sits back down, he plays with the camel but then sees the dorito bag on a chair, takes it reluctantly and hesitantly eats a dorito only to fall and die.


The ending credits and one blooper, (the camera falling and the actor swearing), are shown.


Negative reviews all around compared to the prequel as not a single good review was made. It was critically called 'tedious' and 'rushed' and the numbers of viewers drastically were reduced from just under 50 to 20.


The opening title music is 'Requiem For a Dream' By Clint Mansell. The main background music is a disco track from the video game the Sims 1. The ending credits music is 'O Fortuna' by Carl Orff.

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