Bag O' Cheezey 3 is the most successful and highly praised short in the Bag O' Cheezey saga to date. It is liked for the soundtrack of the short and the addition of a second actor.


The actor starts dancing to the music for approximately a minute when he sees a Dorito bag, can't help but eat one and consequently dies in a satirical manner. The second actor (Cabysam) then is introduced as he eats a Dorito also then falls dead outside. Credits and one blooper (actor 1 laughing) are shown.



The reception for Bag O' Cheezey 3 was overall better than its two prequels but still noted down for no exciting climax in the short. Its most negative comment is the fact of the pixelated quality of the video.


The beginning titles soundtrack is 'Requiem for a Dream' by Clint Mansell, the main track is 'Old Time Rock and Roll' by Bob Seger. The Dorito Bag Theme is 'O Fortuna' by Carl Orff. The funeral song is 'Funeral March' by Chopin. The ending credits is another disco track from the Sims 1.

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